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Vintage Team Associated RC10

Team Associated Vintage RC10

Yes, it's fast and is a RC racing legend and champion!  The vintage Team Associated RC10 was released in the mid 1980s and won pretty much every racing event there is!  This one is a must for a collector and rc car racing enthusiast! The radio controlled racing buggy belongs in the hall of fame, as it really took the rc hobby into new leaps of performance.  Some times you still see the vintage rc10s race today, and they do keep up with the best of them, despite them being a 20 - 30 year old rc car design!  There are still buggy and truck versions based on this legend's platform still in production today (more about that later)! 

The Vintage Team Associated RC10 buggy came in a kit, with many advanced and improved parts for racing.  Some of these include lightweight, yet extremely strong Aircraft 6061 Aluminum chassis, specialized dogbones with larger shocks with more travel (to easily run over bumpy terrain with ease and handle the jumps) and higher clearance underneath so off road terrain doesn't rub the chassis and slow it down.  What's neat about this classic rc 10, is the suspension and upper arms are easily adjustable so you can customize for various long and short course tracks.

The original, vintage RC10 from the 80s and 90s came in a few different kit cosmetic and racing variations to choose from.  You can even find upgraded parts for these modesl today!  Some of these model variations include the 2wd and 4wd drivetrains, the Championship Edition, the Gold Tub body, and the Gold and Black Pan chassis car versions.  It should be noted, that most of the RC 10s were an electric motor with a buggy body, however there are also the RC10T, RC10GT, and GT2 truck platforms and the series also came with roaring nitro engines..