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Kyosho 67 Corvette Stingray 

 Kyosho 67' Corvette Stingray

This vintage Kyosho 67' Corvette Stingray rc car wasn't actually made by Kyosho in 1967, but rather in the 90s.  It was part of their nostalgic series in the 1990s and was made to model after the real life muscle car legend.  This was made to be fast and real like, as you'll already know if you own one of these collectibles.  These just looked great in either a black or red painted body, with a silver wheel colored finish.  The nitro really brings out the fun with their nostalgia fit and finish as they tear up the streets in the neighborhood. 


The Kyosho 1967 Corvette Stingray came with a powerful nitro motor for both a impressive sound, speed, and with a nitro motor your achieve longer run times.  Some have converted these rc car models to a brushless motor and esc setup, however I'm a strong believer that radio controlled muscle cars better depict the car they're modeled after more realistically with a nitro engine.  The nitro has a louder sound that just like the real full-size car is proportional to the throttle, as you rev up the rpms.  Their existing setups are already incredibly fast!  If you're model needs repair or engine replacement, take my advice and upgrade it another nitro motor, not an electric version as it takes some of the fun out of this Kyosho 67' Corvette Stingray rc model and others in this nostalgic, vintage series.